Madison & Friends

Madison OSU & Angel Photos

Brian King, professional photographer has done all of Madison's OSU & Angel pictures, including the following, and has done an incredible job for us. Brian is currently with HR Imaging Partners Inc. and can be reached at 800-245-0223 or 614-334-8106 or or at
Thanks Brian!

Dr. Bach's 2002 Conference Friends

Hilary Duff Supporting Madison

On August 24th, 2005 Madison's dream came true when she got to meet Hilary Duff. Hilary wore the wristbands during the whole concert. Madison has been through several difficult periods over the last 2 years and Hilary has always been the one who she turns to, to help her get through them. Thank you Miss Duff for being one of Madison's angels and helping to spread awareness!

OAR Selling & Wearing Wristbands

Look who's wearing the SMA Awareness "Believe in Miracles" wristbands! The band O.A.R.! O.A.R. is also selling the SMA Awareness wristbands on tour. Thanks guys!

SMA Angels and Celebrities Wearing Their SMA Awareness Items

Pictures from Madison's 18th Birthday Celebration

Madison's 18th Birthday
Smile. Her Eyes Still Twinkle!
Madison with her 18th
Birthday Balloons.
Madison with Her
American Girl Doll of the
Year, Grace.
Birthday Decorations with
with the Theme Based on
the Disney Movie, "Tangled."
Birthday Flower Cake from the Shofner Family.
Madison Admiring Her
"Tangled" Theme Birthday
Madison's Roses from Her
Uncle, Godfather and
Small Birthday Cake from
Neighbors, The Hammett
"Tangled" Theme Birthday
Cake with a Flaming
Rose Candle.